Welcome to International College of Cardiology (ICC)!
Dates: Sept 12 -14,(Monday to Wednesday)


International College of Cardiology (ICC) is a nonprofit international organization conceived in India and Slovakia more than 12 years ago in 1999, to promote nutritional and lifestyle education as well as optimal drug therapy for rapid transition of knowledge on CVD from laboratories to people and healthcare personnel. The ICC is registered as charitable scientific Society at Bratislava under Prof Dr Daniel Pella as Executive Director and Dr R Rybar, Dr Jan Fadecko, Dr Viola Vargoa as executive member. The founding president was Prof Dr R B Singh from Moradabad, India, followed by Dr C Kong from Taiwan in the year 2003 and later on in 2006, Dr RB Singh is again elected as President due to his most dynamic input to ICC.

Objectives: Its main objectives are: to improve the health of individuals and citizens through heart health education; to provide a forum for the exchange of knowledge ; to encourage exchange of information and research collaboration between scientists and medical doctors in the field of Atherosclerosis, Hypertension and Coronary artery Disease; and, to establish centers for Heart Research. The other purpose is to educate the Internists, scientists and Cardiologists on recent advances on biomarkers of lifestyle changes, basic sciences, and drug therapy of Cardiovascular Diseases for prevention of Intervention and bypass surgery in patients of CAD with a focus on Developing and newly industrialized countries.

Daniel Pella, MD,PhD
Executive Director


FOUNDERS: Dr Daniel Pella ( Slovakia), Dr RB Singh ( India), Dr R Rybar ( Slovakia), Dr Franz Halberg (USA), Dr Germaine Cornelissen (USA), Dr Brian Tomlinson (Hong Kong), Dr SP Verma (UK), Dr Adarsh Kumar (India), Dr SS Rastogi (India), Dr Kuniaki Otsuka (Japan), Dr H Mori (Japan).

LINKS: www.icnsite.com, www.tsimtsoum.net


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